I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with John. His wide command of anecdotes, quotations and other relevant stories brought colour and humour to the workplace. His passion for the basic principles of good people management is something I have learned a great deal from. As a leader of sales people, John is one out of the box, "David Lowe,  Business Services Manager at Earthquake Commission “ 

“I have known and worked along side John for 15 years, recently asking him to take on the role of Coach and Business Mentor. John's input to my business has been nothing short of brilliant. He has provided me with ideas, systems and innovative strategies that have already had a profound impact. John is more than a coach and mentor, he is a friend and a valuable and respected addition to my team. Anyone in Real Estate who is serious about taking their business to the next level, who is passionate about being the best they can be and who has a desire to provide the best possible work environment for their team should seek John's assistance  PETER STANFORD Managing Director at LJ Hooker Penrith
“ I've known John for 10 odd years and through a variety of dealings I have developed a confidence in his abilities on number of fronts. Firstly John's acumen allows him to be across matters incredibly quickly which means minimum explanation time in any dealing. Secondly, high integrity and work ethic means things happen fast ....and well. I would not hesitate in recommending John to any prospect consulting or coaching relationship                                                                                
David Ferguson, Managing Director Strata Plus

International coach and mentor to the real estate industry

John's strategic vision has been instrumental to the success of L.J Hooker in New Zealand. He is a great leader, motivator and entrepreneur! Always available and freely giving of his time, I endorse him as one of the countries true gentlemen, a mentor and a confidant!

Grant Thorpe Business Mentor and Speaker

"We had a great market share and good sized rent roll but I couldn't seem to make any progress in the profit department. It seemed I was working 24/7 and other people were making money from the business but not me.  In the space of 2 years John has helped me cut through all the clutter and focus on some key issues which have paid off big time. This financial year (2014) we exceeded EVERY financial goal we set and at last I feel like I am achieving what I dreamed about when I bought the business nearly 20 years ago. I meet with John twice a week over breakfast and I look forward to every minute we spend together. I feel more in control than ever before and I have a much greater understanding of the financials and also the dynamics of the team. In short, thanks to John,  I am leading more and worrying less."  

                                                                                                                                         PAUL PETTENON Raine & Horne

I have interviewed some of the sharpest Real Estate minds in the country. From #1 Agents, Million Dollar Earners and speakers, trainers and authors on a variety of subjects like marketing, mindset, success strategies etc.  I just spent an hour  recording a CD of the Month with John McTavish, and boy, in all seriousness, the interview we just did is probably the best I’ve ever done. He gave more usable, and brilliant strategies in 57 minutes than many courses give in 2 days.”

It’s probably business suicide for me to give this recording to my guys because exposing them to John potentially makes me look pretty ordinary by comparison. In all good conscious though, I have to send it, he’s that good!”
                                                          Glenn Twiddle Glenntwiddle.com "Million Dollar Agent"

“I thought I had a good business but John helped me re-evaluate my goals and we went from good to awesome in under 2 years. I was amazed at how many areas of our business improved under John's tutelage. Is he good value for money? OH YEAH!!

                                               Dennis Vlandis, Owner LJ Hooker Belconnen